No 1 Diamante Gloss Horse Bridle With White Padding

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New: No 1 Diamante Gloss Horse Bridle 

What a stunning horse bridle! Each crystal on our 'No 1' bling bridle is hand sewn and glued into place, to ensure this bridle gives everyone the wow factor. It's unlike anything else we've seen on the equestrian market!

The No 1 Bridle from Equi Craft Ltd is made from super glossy patent leather, with ultra white, soft padding accents. 

This bridle also offers a curved headpiece so your horse can look the part.

It comes with a crank noseband with flash attachment, plus continental reins for maximum control. It would be ideal for the show ring or for dressage enthusiasts, as the crystal accents really add some sparkle.

This item would make beautiful gift item for the horse lover in your life.

Currently available in size full, colour black.