Grackle Bridle

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This new Grackle Bridle from Equi Craft Ltd is everything you could want from a horse bridle. It has a fixed, padded headpiece with our unique browband; this stitched masterpiece really makes this horse bridle stand out from the rest!

Not only that, but it has a 100% sheepskin nose pad that is removable for easy cleaning. This offers excellent comfort to the horse or pony. This grackle bridle is not like anything else on the market! It comes complete with inside grip reins; however this bridle has limited stock. Bridle sizes are broad, from Shetland to Full, and the beautiful, high quality leather that this horse bridle is made from comes in brown or black.

You may be wondering, what is a grackle noseband? The Grackle applies pressure evenly and over a large area of the horse or pony's face. The design aims to help prevent evasion if the horse or pony opens its mouth and crosses its jaw, and the grackle noseband gives more space around the horse or pony’s nostrils, helping to make breathing easier. (Read our blog about grackle bridles and grackle nosebands HERE.)