Equi Pro Curved Stirrup Irons

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Equi Pro Curved Lightweight Stirrup Irons


These stirrup irons are made from a tough, durable nylon material that offers stability via a soft, polymer grip. (Stirrup IRONS are so-named, as traditional versions were made from iron - however, today's high-tech materials mean that other blends of material are proving very popular.)


These Equi Pro Curved, lightweight stirrup irons boast a curved design, for a more ergonomic fit. The lightweight, soft polymer grip acts as a shock absorber, during use. They are easy to 're-find', if the rider loses their stirrup!

These lovely stirrups may be used for any riding activity - show jumping, cross country, TREC, flatwork, dressage, eventing, hacking and even riding holidays. They come in one size only, in black. Read our BLOG on stirrup irons, HERE.