Equi Pad - Lauren - show saddle (bareback pad / treeless saddle)

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If you’re looking for a cheap saddle, a treeless saddle, a saddle for a learner rider or a show saddle, then the Equi Pad Lauren is the saddle or comfort pad for you.

This Equi Pad 'Lauren' Show Saddle is an original design made exclusively for Equi Craft Ltd.

This treeless saddle offers maximum comfort for both the pony and the rider. Originally, saddle pads were created to meet the specific need for a saddle suited to the rounded shape of the Shetland Pony and for other native ponies with 'difficult to fit' structures. The Equi Pad is suitable for all horses and ponies with wider, flatter backs, and comes in three size options of 14-inches, 15-inches, 16-inches and 17-inches.

Constructed of a foam core sandwiched between two fine black hides, the Equi Pad Show Saddle adapts quickly to the individual form of the equine. The knee and thigh rolls and the seat support give the rider the correct position required for comfortable horse riding. Handle not included.

The Equi Pad Lauren 'cub' saddle is perfect for many applications including Pony Club, dressage and jumping, and it looks great in the show ring.

• Equi Pad Lauren Show Saddle, an exclusive design of Equi Craft Ltd.
• High-quality durable saddle construction.
• Ideal for wide-backed, hard-to-fit ponies and horses.
• Provides superb riding comfort and control.
• Choice of four saddle sizes.

The 'Lauren' is full leather, with good knee and thigh rolls.

Bonded girth straps to prevent cracking and stretching.

Now even better quality!

Ready for dispatch 27th March.

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