Comfort Equi Pad Maisie

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NEW product development - now with removable velcro panels, giving freedom for the spine.

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Have you seen Equi Craft Ltd’s amazing range of bareback pads, that we’ve christened ‘Equi Pads’? The Comfort Equi Pad Maisie is an original design made exclusively for Equi Craft Ltd.

Maisie bareback pad / Equi Pad for horses and ponies - now on SALE at 40% off!

If you’re looking for a cheap saddle, a treeless saddle, a saddle for a learner rider, a show saddle, or a spare ‘bareback pad’, then the Equi Pad Maisie is the saddle or comfort pad for you.

The Maisie is a super smart version, so it is actually ideal for the show ring! The Maisie Equi Pad is made exclusively for Equi Craft Ltd - it is in effect a treeless saddle - sometimes called bareback pads, these are types of saddles that are used for a variety of reasons.

Bareback pads are often designed for Shetlands and other native ponies; equines that are notoriously tricky to fit a saddle to! However, our Maisie Equi Pad is suitable for all horses and ponies, especially those with flatter backs. It is made from beautiful suede with a small padded cantle area for rider stability and security, and it has square-shaped stirrup holders for your stirrups (not included).

This treeless saddle really does offer maximum comfort for both the pony and the rider. Now in Suede; improved and better than ever! Handle not included.


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 Ready for dispatch 19/11/18