Balance strap - improve your horse riding - stay secure in the saddle

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The balance strap - the perfect piece of kit for a safe, secure seat, when riding your horse or pony!

A balance strap is a rider safety aid that's ideal if you're riding young, hot headed / naughty ponies or horses. This is a leather strap that fastens to the D ring on the front of saddle; they are placed for the rider to grab onto, if needed.

Our well-priced balance strap for saddles is slim, so easily held, along with the reins; they are a great confidence booster for anyone that's feeling nervous when horse riding.

A balance strap is great for new riders training on the lunge, or working without stirrups to improve their seat. Just hooking one finger beneath the balance strap enables you to pull you seat-bones deeper into the saddle, to restore your balance and position. 

These are used by everyone and anyone, from first time riders to Olympic medalists. Simply attach to the D rings on the saddle. (In black/brown).