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AlvaBarrier Mud & Rain Protector 500ml

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AlvaBarrier – Mud & Rain Protector combines pure essential oils with our unique coat conditioner.

AlvaBarrier – Mud & Rain Protector boasts a lovely formulation that helps to protect a horse or pony's coat, reducing the problems caused by the mud and rain.

After brushing off and removing as much mud and dirt as possible from the horse, apply 'AlvaBarrier – Mud & Rain Protector' to the affected areas. 

Continue regularly for the first week, and then as often as required, depending on the weather and ground conditions.

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What do customers say?

ALVABARRIER mud and rain protector – who needs a rug when you’ve got this product? You don’t! Brilliant product!”
H Thomas, Pandeg Equestrian, Carmarthenshire 

“ALVABARRIER mud and rain protector spray kept 4 white legs in superb condition all.”
Sue S, Bonsfarm. Abridge, Essex 

“ALVABARRIER mud & rain protector is excellent. Best on the market.”
Tracey Hurr, Wilts

“Mud problems – now gone – Thank you.”
Sue Massey, Ashton Keynes, Gloucestershire 

“Bought ALVABARRIER mud and rain protector as a desperate last attempt for a mare with very sensitive skin, kept it clear ever since. Brilliant.”
Penny Jones, Dudley, West Midlands

“Mud protector – this worked for me and Alley B.”
Tricia Holtoys, Painscastle, Builth Wells