NEW Comfort Bridle Anatomic

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New from Equi Craft Ltd is our fabulous Comfort Flash Bridle! This masterpiece has a padded headpiece and a slightly curved noseband; the diamante browband will really catch everyone’s eye, and draw attention to your horse or pony. This is a beautiful horse bridle, and is designed with your horse or pony’s comfort in mind.

You may be wondering, why would I choose a flash noseband? Although originally invented so that a standing martingale could be attached to the cavesson part, without compromising the flash strap beneath the front of the noseband, the flash noseband is extremely widely used, aiming to help prevent the horse from opening its mouth too wide, to evade the bit. Because the flash strap is removable, it easily becomes a cavesson noseband.

To correctly fit the flash part of the noseband, ensure the noseband sits one-two fingers below your horse or pony’s cheekbone. Then adjust the flash strap to allow one-two fingers to fit beneath it, so it isn’t too tight. The lower strap sits in the horse or pony’s chin groove, under the bit.

(Read our blog about Grackle nosebands if you would like to find more about this similar piece of horse tack; the flash is mainly to prevent the horse or pony from opening its mouth, so for an equine that crosses its jaw, the grackle may be preferable)