Gifts for equestrian enthusiasts and horse owners

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We know it's early! But we're looking ahead to the festive season. Christmas is a lovely time of year, for many reasons – not least because it is a time for spending time with family and friends (and our beloved horses and ponies!) but also as it allows us to give gifts, like the lovely belts pictured below, to show that we care.

But why do we celebrate Christmas? We do have the Victorians to thank for our modern Christmas celebrations, as they gave us traditions such as crackers, decorations, Christmas carols, trees, cards and gifts.
Meanwhile, December 25this said to have been adopted from Pagan solar festivals, which saw the Roman mid-winter Saturnalia festival taking place in late December, as well as Roman emperor Aurelian’s ‘feast of the birth of Sol Invictus’ on December 25.

Here at Equicraft Ltd, we love December – crisp wintry mornings for a quiet hack with our horse; festive events and Xmas markets; yard parties with a little too much Prosecco consumed; and, for many people at least, the chance to relax over the Christmas break, reflect on the year that’s passed, and make horsey plans for the following season!

Gifts for equestrian enthusiasts and horse owners

For anyone looking to select Xmas gifts for their horse-loving friends and family, Equicraft Ltd is the perfect place to browse. Here’s a selection of our favourite gifts for equestrian enthusiasts and horse owners:

If you’re looking for a small, boxable item to wrap up as a gift, why not consider a smart, fashionable belt? The lovely patent black leather belt is made from patent leather, and will add a subtle hint of sparkle to any outfit. It is ideal for all horse owners, dressage competitors and purveyors of horsey bling!

Another great gift idea is our Polo Belt, which features the iconic diamond pattern; instantly recognisable and striking! This fashion-forward item is perfect for any horse rider, polo enthusiast or fashionista; and for those who dare to seek adventure and make a statement. It’s surely the perfect gift to pull out of a Christmas stocking.

If you’re looking for something unusual to gift, consider the individual’s equestrian hobbies – do they for example enjoy showing? The MacTack Show Cane is a super giftable item for anyone that enjoys showing their horse or pony, either in hand, or under saddle. It really smartens up a showing outfit – it is hide-covered for a comfortable feel, and a traditional 'look'. There’s every chance the recipient will think it is a standard riding whip when it’s wrapped, so imagine their delight when they find a gorgeous leather cane!

So many horse owners love bling. (Read more in our blog, HERE). So we’re thrilled to see the No 1 Diamante Gloss Horse Bridle available on sale – who wouldn’t want to receive this item beneath the Christmas tree? This stunning horse bridle boasts individual crystals that have been hand sewn and glued into place, to ensure this bridle gives everyone the wow factor when dobbin tries it on after the Christmas feast.


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