Why choose a stud girth? (Horses / ponies / showjumping / XC)

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Horse studs are used to aid grip when jumping and riding across country, allowing riders to, as FEI vet John Killingbeck describes on the International Eventing Forum website: “Get a little bit quicker, jump a little higher and [go] a little bit faster.”

However, these protruding studs, which screw into the horse’s front shoes, can cause cuts to the horse's girth area, and so stud girths are often used to offer important protection of this sensitive area of the horse or pony’s belly. They include a wide mid-section called a kicking plate which protects the area in between the legs and give your horse maximum freedom of movement over fences without risking injury. They’re especially useful for horses and ponies that ‘tuck up’ their forelegs when jumping.

It is important that stud girths fit well, as the extra ‘bulk’ could catch the horse behind the elbow - hence, well-designed stud girth shapes are a ‘must’. Look out for central rings on the underside of the stud girth, for your martingale or training aid.

The Jessica Fancy Stitch Leather Stud Girth from Equi-Craft Ltd is made to the highest quality, with an outstanding finish. It boasts top quality leather and fittings and a built-in stud guard. Featuring strong, triple layer elastic at both ends, it is designed by Equi-Craft Ltd to alleviate pressure and also protect the horse’s underside from the risk of injuries from horseshoe studs.





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