Can you really own one pair of stirrup irons that work for all riding disciplines?

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We believe that the answer to this question can be yes! If you have a larger budget, then there are certainly stirrup irons for all eventualities - some are shaped, ergonomically contoured, or simply a heavier weight, and different riders prefer different irons, depending on their stirrup preferences. However a well-made pair of stirrup irons that are comfortable and shock absorbing can certainly be used for the various disciplines you may ride your horse or pony in.

Let’s have a think about what we want the stirrup iron to offer us. The jumping disciplines require the rider to sit further towards the back of the saddle, and keep the legs in a forward position, with the heels down; the rider will put the stirrups up a few holes, as shorter stirrups close the angles of the knees and ankles, to give more of an ‘anchor’, and allow the rider to adopt a more forward seat. Shorter stirrups also allow the rider to remain in balance over a fence, in the jumping position. The rider can let their weight drop down through the heels into a relaxed ankle.

For flatwork the rider has a longer, straighter position with a stirrup length that allows the rider’s back to flatten out, with the pelvis tilted backwards. The rider’s knee must be bent to a sufficient degree to act as a shock absorber.

Equi Craft Ltd stocks some lovely, versatile stirrups called: Equi Pro Curved Lightweight Stirrup Irons; we believe that they are versatile enough to be used for multiple riding disciplines - so they’re ideal for Riding Club enthusiasts who enjoy different activities. They’re made from a tough, durable nylon material that offers stability via a soft, polymer grip. They boast a curved design, for a more ergonomic fit. The lightweight, soft polymer grip acts as a shock absorber, during use. The Equi Pro Curved Lightweight Stirrup Irons may be used for any riding activity - show jumping, hacking, cross country, TREC, flatwork, dressage, eventing, and even riding holidays.

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