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Browbands are one of the first elements that we notice on a horse bridle. But what is the browband there for? Do we really need it? And why do equestrian enthusiasts love a blingy or detailed browband? Let’s find out!

The browband on a horse's bridle is designed to stop the headpiece (that goes over the poll) from sliding backwards. However, the browband is also a design feature, and can influence how the horse’s head is perceived. Large horses like cobs and draught breeds usually suit plain browbands, as seen on a hunter bridle. Meanwhile, pony breeds, Arab horses and those with finer features like Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds may suit browbands with features such as plaited leather, or blingy detailing

A myriad of browbands to choose from

In previous years, it’s fair to say that not a great deal of thought was given to horse’s browbands. They were generally plain, or at best plaited or overlaid with velvet, for showing classes. There was little size variation available, especially for larger horses (e.g. who take an extra full / XL browband size.)

Fortunately, now there’s more choice in both style and size range!

A further development in horse tack has been the curved browband, which was seemingly initiated by the dressage community in the mid-2000s. These suit Warmblood horses especially, and are often seen bejewelled.

(A further development is that now browbands are widely available separately from the bridle, it means that horses or ponies with large or small foreheads can be fitted with a suitable browband.)

A bit of bling?

If you like a bit of bling, then do check out our blue and white crystal browband – it’s is available in sizes 13"-17", in two different leather colours.This is a beautiful browband, with lots of sparkle to it... ideal for anyone interested in showing or dressage. 

Polo style


If you’re looking for something unusual, then a polo-stitched browband would work well. Our polo browbands are really unique, and feature detailing that is immediately recognisable the world over, as a symbol of South American heritage.

They are sure to bring added style to your horse or pony's bridle, and we offer a curved version as well as a V-shaped browband (pictured left), with a snaffle bit motif.

Don't forget to ensure your browband fits your horse or pony well - there's lots of evidence to support the fact that tight browbands can detrimentally affect the horse's comfort and performance. So if you're unsure, choose a more generous size if you're buying a browband separately (ask your retailer for the exact size measurement if you need clarification). 

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